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4 batters, 4 bowlers, 2 all rounders and a keeper within your £55m budget. Pick a captain to score double points.


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Team Manager Points
 1Topper The LeagueGeorge Topper6513
 2Simmo‘s 11Matty simmonds6016
 3Tractor BoysSimon Topper5945
 4Cech her out Alex Brasenell5605
 5Here to make up the numbers!Matthew Earley5228
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All Rounders
Name Value Points
 1Chris Sheperd£7.5m419
 2Ian Murphy£4.0m399
 3Alex Taylor£7.0m355
 4Alex Brasenall£3.0m354
 5Scott De Weymarn£4.0m340
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Name Value Points
 1Lewis Gough£6.5m971
 2Martin Weill£8.0m639
 3Owais Abdul£6.5m536
 4Kumar Singh£7.0m482
 5Matt Stinson£8.0m456
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Name Value Points
 1Wendell Wagner£8.0m1133
 2Matthew Earley£6.0m752
 3Kevin Vaughan£5.5m571
 4Adam Byram£5.0m379
 5Sam Topper£5.5m306
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Name Value Points
 1Simon Topper£6.5m706
 2Charlie Mackleworth£3.0m293
 3Andy Howells£3.0m168
 4Dan Pilkington£4.0m117
 5Alan Denver£5.0m0
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Game 20 Stats

Last updated: 2016-08-27 12:10:02